Applying sticker to Snooor wearable

Anti Snoring Device: How it Works

The Snooor anti-snoring device is easy to use. Make sure to use the Snooor sticker with the wearable every night for optimal results.

Let’s get started!

… with these simple steps.

1. Clean

Make sure your forehead or breastbone* is clean and dry.

2. Peel

Remove a Snooor sticker from the sheet.

3. Stick

Attach the exposed side (with the red tab) to the Snooor anti-snoring wearable.

4. Turn on

Press the button for approximately 3 seconds. The Snooor anti-snoring device will vibrate and a blue light will flash.

5. Wear

Peel the skin side tab off the sticker and place the Snooor anti-snoring wearable in the middle of your forehead or breastbone.


6. Sleep

The Snooor wearable auto-starts in 20-minutes giving you time to fall asleep.

And while you're sleeping:

  • Your snoring may be eliminated or significantly reduced
  • You’ll benefit from improved breathing
  • You and your partner will (finally!) enjoy restful nights, which leads to …
  • … a vastly improved life

To turn off:

  1. Carefully peel off the Snooor wearable and dispose of the sticker.
  2. Press the power button. The device will vibrate for a few seconds, indicating that it has powered down.**

*Make sure the  breastbone area is, free of body hair.

**The Snooor wearable also turns off automatically after eight hours.

Monitor Your Progress:

Each morning, you can view your sleeping position progress by connecting with the free Snooor App.

Download the Snooor App on the Play Store for Android phones:

Download the Snooor App on the App Store for iPhone phones:

Ensure that the Bluetooth capability of your device is turned ON.

Press the On/Off button 5 times. The Blue LED Light will flash to confirm the device is ready to connect.


To track the daily sleeping position correctly, users should wear the Snooor wearable on the breastbone only and not on the forehead.

The Snooor App does not need to be connected via Bluetooth to your Snooor wearable during the night to receive sleep position data.


Adjusting to your new sleeping position

Re-training your body to sleep on its side can take some time. The Snooor wearable may wake you up the first few nights. This is expected and a temporary adjustment to a new, healthier way of sleeping. As you continue to use the Snooor wearable, your body breaks the habit of sleeping on its back. The result: Your snoring may be significantly reduced. Best of all, you and your partner can start getting some real sleep! For more information about the adjustment period, click the link!

For information on the Snooor stickers, please click the link.

For instructions on how to replace the battery, feel free to read the article.

Sorry, but our lawyers insisted on this extra stuff:
The Snooor anti-snoring wearable is NOT intended for use as a treatment for breathing disorders, such as asthma, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), sleep apnea or positional sleep apnea; or for use as a treatment for snoring caused by a deviated nasal septum, acute or chronic nasal congestion, abnormal repositioning of the jaw or enlarged tonsils.