Changing the replaceable battery

How To Replace the Battery of the Snooor anti-snoring device

The Tool

Take a small flat head (slot head) screwdriver.


On the corner located closest to the “on” button, you will see a small opening.


Place the tip of the screwdriver in the opening and twist. You will hear a click sound and the cover will be released.


Remove the cover.


Remove the old battery and place in the new one. The battery needs to just fit in the position – no pushing necessary.


To match the proper corner of the lid with the notch, make sure that the lid’s corner is closest to the on button (and the notch).


Click the two sides of the wearable back in place. You will hear a click sound and the Snooor wearable will vibrate.

You are all set.

The Snooor wearable is ready to provide with more nights of  less snoring using positional therapy.